Srimad Bhaktibhushan Bharati Sri Chaitanya Sevashram along with the Universal Centerof Pure Devotion (UCPD) is an institution of unalloyed devotion, which preaches and practices the esoteric significance of the transcendental teachings and philosophies of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Supreme Lord of Devine Love. The Supreme Lord Chaitanya, who is identical with the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna descended on earth in 1486 in SridhamNavadwip (Mayapur, West Bengal, India) in order to deliver the fallen souls of this dark age of violence and lustfulness from the clutches of Maya and to take them back to Golok-Vrindavan, the eternal abode of Divine Bliss, Beauty and Love which is the real, sweet, blissful home of all living beings. Back to Krishna, back to home—this was the message of Sri Chaitanya. And his method was pure Namasankirtana (congregational chanting of the Holy Name).

Sri Gauranga, the Supreme Lord of Absolute Grace, distributed Krishnaprema, the summum bonum of human life, to one and all irrespective of caste and creed, color and community, competence and calibre. He inundated the entire universe with the deluge of divine love.

After his disappearance, his intimate associate Srila Jiva Goswamipad founded the renowned Viswa Vaishnava Rajasabha (World Vaishnava Consortium) in the 16th century with Srila Rupa Goswamipad as its first president. Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode, another close associate of Sri Sri Gaur-Krishna revived it in 1886. He ushered in a veritable renaissance of unalloyed devotion as promulgated by Lord Chaitanya. He wrote more than 100 books on the quintessence of pure devotion in various languages including Sanskrit, Bengali and English and penned innumerable devotional songs for the happiness of Sri SriHari-Guru-Vaishnavas. He exposed the hollowness and hypocrisy of the pseudo vaishnavas and restored vaishnavism to its pristine glory, purity and excellence. His worthy successor and son, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarwaswti Goswami Thakur translated Srila Bhaktivinode’s dreams into reality by founding 64 Gaudiya Maths in various places of India and abroad. Through the media of press and platform, Srila Sarasawti Thakurspread the message of unalloyed devotion throughout the world attracting specially the elite, the rich, the learned and the persons of the blue blood in the society.

His extraordinary purity, incredible scholarship, inimitable eloquence and, above all, his transcendental charismatic personality revealed him as an accredited divine messenger of the Supreme Truth. It was a golden period of Vaishnava history when he was, by common consent, the glorious emperor of pure Vaishnavas of the world.

After his disappearance Srila Bhaktiprasad Puri Goswami Thakur, (SrilaAcharyadeva/Srila Anantavasudeva Prabhu) preserved the preceptorial line by his unique divine power. He edited and published more than 60 holy books written by the divine goswamins and his editions were universally acclaimed as authentic and perfect. In 1941, all the Gaudiya Maths were registered in the name of Gaudiya Mission with Bagbazar, Calcutta as its head office by Srila Acharyadeva.

When Srila Acharyadeva was absorbed in deep vipralamva nama bhajan (adoration of the Holy Name in the divine mood of separation) in Vrindavan, the Mission was headed by HDG 108 Sri Srimad Bhaktipradip Tirtha Maharaj for a short period. Then HDG 108 Sri Srila Bhaktikeval Audulomi Goswami Thakur appeared as the divine sun in the firmament of Gaudiya Mission and, for long 29 years, he preserved the preceptorial line with extra ordinary competence and spread the glory of Gaudiya Mission throughout the world. Srimad Bhaktikeval Audulomi Thakur was the personification of Kevalabhakti or pure devotion. As ill luck would have it, after his disappearance in 1982, his unique ideals of preaching and practicing pure devotion were neglected. Severely hurt by these deviations from the path of unalloyed devotions, a group of pure devotees quit the Mission under the allegiance and guidance of HDG 108 Sri Srimad Bhaktibhushan Bharati Goswami, the most intimate and affectionate disciple of Srimad Bhaktikeval. Srimad Bhaktibhushan (lovingly called Srila Guruthakur) founded Srimad BKAS Sevashram with Godrum(Swarupganj, West Bengal) as its headquarters. For long 23 years he preserved the line of unalloyed devotion with his transcendental humility, love and simplicity. He composed innumerable poems glorifying all the previous preceptors, published their holy lives and teachings. He put more emphasis on personal practice than preaching. He researched on the unique teachings of the goswamins and other divine teachers in the proper preceptorial line and revealed the secret of Rupanugabhakti (pure devotion following SrilaRupa Goswami) and its systematic and scientific steps  to the devotional aspirants of the world. He published more than 40 books of devotional wisdom for free distribution among seekers of truth, his magnum opus being ‘Kevala Bhaktir Sadhan O Siddhi’ (Practice and perfection in pure devotion) in three volumes.

However, after Srimad Bhaktibhushan’s disappearance in 2005, history has repeated itself. As he himself foretold, the evil influence of Kali (the dark force), some anti-devotional elements crept in into this organization. Some exceptionally fortunate souls and sincere followers of Srila Guruthakur were compelled to quit Srimad BKAS Sevashram as a protest against these anti-devotional activities. These sincere seekers of truth have founded Srimad Bhaktibhushan Bharati Sri Chaitanya Sevashram (UCPD) under the able guidance of His Holiness Tridandiswami Srimad Bhaktiamal AranyaMaharaj an 85 year old senior most sannyasi of Srimad Audulomi thakur. At present, Srimad Bhaktiamal Aranya Maharaj, the most revered shikshaguru of our sampradaya, is preserving the line of pure devotion by his divine love, childlike simplicity and devotional wisdom. He was fortunate enough to receive the affectionate embrace of his gurudeva in Sri Godrum who was much pleased by his uncommon simplicity and loving guru seva and countrywide preaching of shuddhabhakti. In 1956, he took harinama and in 1957 he received dikhsha initiation. In 1971 he took sannyas from Srimad Audulomi GoswamiThakur. Renouncing the world, he has spent more than 55 years for preaching and practicing shuddha bhakti throughout the world. A bosom friend of Srila Bhaktibhushan, Srimad Aranya Maharaj is so humble that he says, “I am not your guru. I am just the unworthy servitor of the gurudhara. In the Ramayana, Bharat placed the holy footwear of Ramachandra on the throne and ruled the kingdom Ayodhya as a servitor of Lord Rama. Similarly, I am trying to serve the preceptorial line of proper succession.”