Some Unique Teachings of Srimad Bhaktibhushan Bharati Sri Chaitanya Sevashram  

  1. All Gurus in the BonafidePreceptorial Line are Nitya Siddha (Eternal Intimate Associates of the Lord). To consider any of them as a mundane man and criticize his deed is the most heinous offense for which the offender will be doomed to Eternal Hell.
  2. He who gets the direct mandate of his previous preceptor in the proper Preceptorial Line or that of SrimatiRadharani is a bonafide Guru.
  3. One should invoke the blessing of Sri PanchaTattva by chanting– “SriKrishnachaitanyaPrabhuNityananda, Sri AdwaitaGadhadharSrivasadiGourbhaktabrinda”—always and everywhere. By the grace of Sri PanchaTattva, one can chant Mahamantra purely. PanchaTattva is more compassionate than Mahamantra. This secret was divulged by SrilaJagannath das BabajiMaharaj to SrilaThakurBhaktivinode, the pioneer of the movement of Pure Devotion in the modern age.
  4. One should chant the names of Krishna without committing Ten Offenses and make Krishna Happy. The sole purpose of chanting is to make Krishna happy, not to seek one’s own happiness.
  5. One should learn the Bhajan Krama (Succesive Stages of Devotion) and find out one’s own stage.
  6. One should not sell devotional books; instead one should distribute them free of cost among sincere seekers of truth.